6 Reasons to Schedule Your Septic Inspection

If you are like most homeowners, when your plumbing is working correctly inside your home, your septic tank is out of sight and out of mind. Scheduling a routine inspection of your septic tank may be at the bottom of your “to do list” or not on your agenda at all. However, just like your car or HVAC system, your septic system needs routine maintenance, which includes letting a team of experts evaluate all working parts of your septic system.

Here are seven valued reasons to schedule your septic tank inspection sooner rather than later:

#1 Real Estate Transactions

Are you buying or selling a home with a septic system? If so, you will need to have proof of the condition of your septic system. Get ahead of the game and proactively schedule your inspection before you list your house.

#2 Ground Water Contamination

Did you know that your septic system could be malfunctioning and leaking contaminants into your ground water? This is health hazard for your family and a concern that can be prevented with regular septic inspections.

#3 Soil Contamination

Not only can contaminants enter the ground water, but they can also exist in your drain field or the area of soil on your property where your children, pets and visitors play on or use.

#4 Code Regulations

Owning a septic system puts you responsible for meeting certain community regulations. Scheduled septic inspections can help you avoid contamination liability claims or noncompliance fines.

#5 Prevention of Premature Failure or Backup

Just like a preventative visit at the dentist or the doctor can catch and treat problems early and more affordably, the same is true with your septic tank. In fact, detecting an issue during an inspection may save you from a messy and expensive septic backup.

#6 Replacement Planning

A septic inspection can also give you a heads up on when your septic tank is nearing the end of its lifespan or becoming too small for your family. This can give you time to plan financially and logistically for a new septic tank replacement.

If you’d like to schedule your septic inspection with our experts at Metro Septic, please call our Cartersville office today. We serve our community with the highest level of customer service!

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