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5 Dangers of Hiring a Cheap, Unlicensed Plumber

Living in the metro Atlanta area, you have a lot of plumbing companies available to you. In checking out their rates, you may find a notable discrepancy between some of these plumbers. Before you make the decision to go with the cheapest company for your plumbing repair, you need to stop and do some more research. In many cases, minimal costs can mean minimal qualifications. In fact, a “cheap” plumber may not have the necessary licensure required to do the job at hand.

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Why Your Septic Tank Needs Bacteria

Most people put bacteria in a negative category. While it is true that certain types of bacteria can cause harm and infection in your body, your septic tank has a different relationship with bacteria. In fact, your septic tank desperately needs bacteria in order to do its job.

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It’s Time to Tend to Your Outdoor Faucets and Fixtures

There is no denying the fact that outdoor faucets can be a lifesaver during hot summer months. From watering your flowers to washing your car, an outdoor fixture or faucet offers a remarkably convenient water supply. While they get used frequently during warmer months, they can’t be neglected altogether during the cold season. In fact, your outdoor faucet can even become a threat to your indoor plumbing during the winter if you’re not careful.

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Getting Rid of Garbage Disposal Odor

Foul odors in your home are never welcome. But when the stench occurs in the kitchen, it can be especially unpleasant. If the trash has been taken out and there are no dirty dishes lingering in the sink, the likely culprit to a bad kitchen odor is your garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are undoubtedly a source of modern convenience. With the push of a button you can grind up all kinds of food debris and drastically reduce your trips to the outside garbage can.

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Flushable Wipes: When to Be Skeptic About ‘Septic Safe’

Wet wipes have become increasingly popular as a more effective and more preferred way to “clean up” in the bathroom. Since the package is typically marked with “flushable” or “septic-safe,” there is no need to worry about flushing them down the toilet, right? Wrong! Not only are most “flushable wipes” not safe for a septic system, they can also be harmful to a sewer system. The truth is, despite the manufacturers claims, wet wipes simply don’t break down like toilet paper.

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Five Warning Signs That Your Water Line Needs Repair

Of all the pipes in your home, the main water line is one to protect. It serves the critical role of supplying your home with fresh water on a daily basis. Unfortunately, just like other plumbing pipes, there are factors that can cause this central line to leak, crack or break. Whether it is tree roots or corrosion, it is important that you recognize the signs of main water line damage so that you can schedule a prompt repair.

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