5 Septic Tank Myths

Cartersville GA Septic System ContractorsSeptic systems are often poorly understood. Unfortunately, this can cause misconceptions and myths to circulate when it comes to your septic tank maintenance. To dispel these common septic tank myths, and hopefully help you avoid costly septic tank repairs, we have provided the following:

Myth 1: Using an additive is necessary to add healthy bacteria to my tank

If you are using your toilet, you are probably adding enough natural bacteria to your septic tank every time you flush. In the majority of households, using additives are not required.

Myth 2: Additives can prevent backups

Unfortunately, preventing or remedying a back up is not that simple. Septic backups are sourced from your drainfield or plumbing pipes and cannot be avoided by putting an additive in your tank.

Myth #3: I won’t need to pump my tank if I use additives

The solid waste that you put down your drains will accumulate over time. As your system is used, these materials settle to the bottom of your septic tank and form layer of sludge. Only a septic tank pumping can remove this accumulation and prevent it from entering your drainfield. The use of additives has no bearing on your septic tank’s need to be pumped, nor can it delay this maintenance requirement.

Myth #4: Household cleaners are not harmful to my septic system

Your septic tank is comprised of many living organisms that make your plumbing system work. While the use of household cleaners in moderation will typically not harm your septic system, they can be detrimental to the health of your tank if they are used excessively. Homeowners should also avoid paint thinners, disinfectants, medications and other harsh chemicals in the drains.

Myth #5: I only need to schedule a septic pumping when there are signs of a problem

If you are experiencing septic problems, it is often too late to remedy the situation by having your septic tank pumped. Not having your septic tank pumped on a recommended 3 to 5 year basis can cause issues in your drainfield, which is then beyond the tank.

Have more questions about septic tank myths and facts? Trust Metro Septic. We love educating our customers about the proper maintenance regime for a septic system. A simple explanation of the facts can help you avoid septic repairs or embarrassing backups in your home or business.