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Septic Pumping Warranty

When pumping a septic tank, the contents of the tank are extracted and removed. If a backup is occurring in the home, pumping the tank may or may not correct the problem. If another problem is causing the backup, our technicians will let you know while onsite, and may suggest repairs.

Septic tank pumping alone carries no warranty.

Often times we may jet the inlet line to clear blockages such as a clogged drain or grease blockage. This also carries no warranty.

Field Line Warranty

One Year Structural Integrity of System – Metro Septic will warranty new field lines for a period of one year.

Drain Clearing Warranty

When drains back up, there is normally a cause for the backup. We can auger the drains to clear the blockage, but this is not a permanent fix in most cases. Some of the causes of blockages can be:

  • Roots in sewer or inlet line to septic tank
  • Broken pipe
  • Backpitched pipe, does not have proper amount of pitch per code
  • Grease blockage

Our technicians will attempt to clear the blockage and determine the cause of the blockage. Once the blockage is cleared, the technician may suggest repairs to keep the drain(s) flowing properly. Drain clearing alone carries no warranty.

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