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4 Ways to Avoid Grease Trap Problems ,

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4 Ways to Avoid Grease Trap Problems

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As a restaurant owner, you’ve got countless responsibilities. Besides providing a clean environment and good food, you also need to keep an eye on your grease trap. Grease traps are located between your drain lines and sanitary sewer lines. They are designed to separate and collect the fats, oils, and greases (FOG) from used water and prevent them from entering the municipal sewer system.

Grease trap maintenance is critical. In fact, if you let levels of FOG build up, the operation of your restaurant can take a quick turn for the worst. Typical problems include clogged drain lines, a backup in your restaurant, foul odors and even a hefty fine from the city if these unwanted materials disrupt municipal sewer lines.

Now that you understand the severe consequences of an unmonitored grease trap, here are some ways you can prevent those problems:

  1. Know Your Local Regulations: Every municipality has its own set of codes and regulations for grease trap pump-outs. It is important that you are following your city’s specific guidelines. Keep a record of when you had a professional grease trap pump-out or cleaning and when bacteria was added to your system.
  2. Use Bacteria Additives: Adding bacteria to your grease trap can greatly reduce FOG because it helps to biologically break down the waste. This can prolong the life of your grease trap before it needs to be pumped and it can also reduce embarrassing odors coming from your kitchen. Bacteria blocks and automatic injection are two popular methods for adding bacteria to your grease trap.
  3. Good Rinsing Habits: Your kitchen staff and dishwashers can be a big help to reducing your risk for grease trap problems. Educate your staff on the proper ways to rinse dishes, which should include throwing solids and other waste into the trash and not down the drain whenever possible. In addition, try not to use a hot rinse around your drains and trap, as this can cause grease to cool in the trap.
  4. Hire a Professional: When in doubt, hire a licensed plumbing professional to handle your grease trap maintenance and cleaning. This is a small investment when considering the potential costs of damage that a grease trap problem can bring to your business. Metro Septic gives Cartersville restaurant owners the peace of mind they need when it comes to grease traps. We let you focus on creating delicious dishes while we handle the fats, oils and grease!

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