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4 Ways to Care for Your Septic System This Fall ,

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4 Ways to Care for Your Septic System This Fall

A specialist performing a septic tank inspection.

Fall is a favorite season in Georgia. However, as you enjoy changing leaves, college football and pumpkin lattes, try not to neglect your septic system. There are certain maintenance tasks you can perform for your septic system this fall that will prepare it for optimal function in the months ahead.

At Metro Septic, we recommend the following ways to care for your septic tank this fall:

#1 Consider Switching Your Leach Lines
Leach fields play the important role of managing and filtering wastewater that drains from your septic tank. Keep them working properly by changing the elbow in your leach lines to give that part of your leach field some time off. In spring, you can revert your leach lines back to the way they were. Your leach lines can be found in your distribution box.
#2 Inspect Your Septic System
How long has it been since you had your septic system professionally evaluated? A septic inspection can detect signs of wear and tear or malfunctioning. Fall is a perfect time to schedule this, as the weather is nice and families are not traveling as much.
#3 Get Your Septic Tank Pumped
If it’s been a couple of years since you had your septic tank pumped, consider having this service completed in the fall. This becomes an easier and less disruptive service when temperatures are mild outside. Septic pumping goes a long way in preventing septic disasters!
#4 Protect Your Septic System
Fall is the best time to establish an extra layer of protection for your septic system before freezing weather. You can do this by letting your grass grow longer or by laying mulch to insulate the ground above and around your septic system.

Schedule Your Fall Septic Maintenance

At Metro Septic, we proudly serve Cartersville and the surrounding communities with excellence in septic care. We encourage our customers to schedule a septic inspection and/or septic pumping during this mild weathered and slower-paced season of the year. Call today to learn about our affordable rates on septic maintenance.

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