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6 Common Pipe Issues ,

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6 Common Pipe Issues

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Regardless of whether you are on sewer or septic, your pipes are a critical component of your plumbing system. In fact, they do the “grunt work” of providing fresh water to your family and eliminating wastewater from your home. Unfortunately, when just one pipe fails, it can disrupt your entire plumbing operation. There are different types of pipes for different areas of your plumbing system. Pipe materials have also revolutionized since their beginning. Therefore, older homes may have different pipes than newer homes. The four most common types are PVC, PEX, Galvanized and Copper.

While some materials are more durable and efficient than others, no pipe is completely fail-proof. It’s important to recognize pipe problems before it turns into a major disaster or expensive repair. Here are five of the most common types of pipe issues:

#1 Misuse of your garbage disposal
Sending the wrong items down your garbage disposal can quickly clog your pipes. It happens all the time. A foul odor and non-draining sink are telltale signs.
#2 Old, Leaky pipes
This is more common in older homes, but can happen to anyone. Small leaks can drive up your water bill and eventually damage the structures of your home.
#3 Frozen pipes
Without proper insulation on your pipes, they can freeze over during extremely cold temperatures in the winter months. When pipes freeze, they can burst or crack.
#4 Irrigation system leaks
Many homeowners have water lines and pipes in their outside irrigation system too. These pipes need to be cared for and maintained just like your indoor pipes.
#5 Tree root damage
Sometimes mother nature compromises the integrity and function of your underground pipe structure. It is common for tree roots to invade pipes and cause damage as they grow.
#6 Sewer and septic backups
If you suspect that your pipe blockage is due to your sewer line or septic tank, contact a trusted plumber quickly. These are issues that need to be taken seriously and dealt with by a professional.

For affordable rates on pipe replacement and repairs in the greater Atlanta area, call Metro Septic and Plumbing today!

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