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Are Tree Roots Attacking Your Plumbing? ,

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Are Tree Roots Attacking Your Plumbing?

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Tree roots and plumbing lines can both safely co-exist underground. However, tree roots tend to grow, and when their relationship gets too close to your pipes, it can wreak serious havoc on your home plumbing. While you may not actually see that your tree roots are choking your pipes underground, you will certainly notice the impact above ground.

Here are some ways that you can detect a potential or existing problem with your tree roots and your plumbing line:

Old or Overgrown Landscape
We certainly support a beautiful and luscious landscape. However, plants and trees need to be groomed and maintained. If you notice that your landscape is overgrown or suspiciously thriving, you should consider the possibility that your tree roots are also growing and interfering with the plumbing.

Random Sinkholes
Sinkholes can be scary, especially when they occur without warning. A leak in your underground plumbing line can make the soil so soft that a sinkhole forms. A professional plumber can determine if the sinkhole is a result of a blocked or leaking plumbing line and if a tree root is to blame.
Slow Drains
If you suddenly notice that your drains are slower than normal, you should always suspect a plumbing problem from within. This can also include toilets that are frequently clogged or stubborn to flush. When several drains in your home are acting in this way, you may have tree roots attacking your plumbing lines.
Foul Odors
A nasty smell despite your cleaning efforts can be an indication that your sewer is compromised and a plumbing emergency is on the horizon. Exposed sewage is a threat to your family’s health, so addressing the problem immediately is important. Tree roots can be the source!

A Plumber That Can Detect and Fix Tree Root Issues

Call Metro Septic and Plumbing today if you are concerned that your underground pipes are being invaded by growing tree roots. This can be especially true if you have lived on your property for a long time. We have the skill and camera technology it takes to investigate your plumbing issue and provide an effective remedy.

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