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Are You Believing These 3 Septic Myths? ,

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Are You Believing These 3 Septic Myths?

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Are you new to septic tank ownership? You’ve probably listened to advice from friends and neighbors about how to care for your septic system. Unfortunately, only an expert can accurately tell you what you need to do and not to in terms of keeping your septic system running smoothly. In fact, there are many misconceptions surrounding septic tank care that can end up doing more harm than good.

Get the facts from a septic professional and stop believing these common septic myths:

#1 A Septic Tank Will Last Forever
One common and unfortunate myth about your septic system is that your tank will last forever. While it is true that a properly pumped and inspected septic tank can last 20 to 40 years, they do not have an infinite lifespan. When determining the lifespan of your tank, it is important to consider how well it has been care for, its size compared to the number of occupants in your home and the material that was used to construct the tank. In general, steel tanks can last up to 30 years and those made of concrete can last upward of 40 years. Signs that your septic tank has reached the end include flooded drain field, poor water quality and frequent sewage backups.
#2 Using Septic Additives Means You Don’t Need to Pump Your Tank
There is simply no way to get around the necessary task of pumping your septic tank every 3 to 5 years. While additives claim to keep your septic tank clean, there will still be a layer of solid sludge in your tank that can’t be completely eliminated unless you have your tank professionally pumped. In fact, some chemicals found in additives can disturb the bacterial balance in your tank. Always ask a septic expert before putting additives in your septic system.
#3 It’s Okay to Build on Top of Your Septic Tank
While it is true that your septic tank is buried deep in the ground, it is still an area of your property that you need to protect. It is not acceptable or wise to build a deck, patio or other structure on top of your septic tank or drain field. Not only will you cover up access to your tank, but you are likely to disrupt the natural breakdown process of wastewater within your soil when you deprive it of oxygen.

If you are considering septic tank installation or just moved to a home that relies on a septic system, we invite you to let our professional educate you on the best ways to care for it. You can trust Metro Septic for honest, affordable and responsive service at all times.

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