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Does My Septic Tank Need A Bacterial Additive? ,

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Does My Septic Tank Need A Bacterial Additive?

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Every septic tank requires a certain level of healthy bacteria in order to function properly. Bacteria inside a septic tank will work to digest organic wastes and help keep your system from clogging or backing up. Even after a septic tank cleaning, a thin layer of bacteria should be left to reside at the bottom of your tank.

Many septic tank owners are concerned with the necessity of using a bacterial additive their own septic tank. The answer is certainly not the same for everyone. A licensed septic professional can accurately determine the health of your septic tank and advise you on whether or not your tank needs a bacterial additive product to generate healthy bacteria.

If you do need a bacterial additive, there are a couple of different reasons for it. One of the most common causes of insufficient septic tank bacteria is from home-cleaning products. We may love their ability to kill germs and bacteria in our houses every day, but cleaners such as antibacterial soaps and bleach will also kill healthy bacteria in your septic tank over time as well. In addition, some customers need a bacteria booster simply because they use their system very often. High amounts of water flushing and draining in your system can reduce healthy levels of bacteria in your tank and weaken its function.

What do bacteria additives do? Using a bacteria additive is a simple step that can save you significant septic problems. They typically come in gel or powder form and these products work to regenerate bacteria colonies that are essential to your tank. Bacterial additives such as RID-X® contain billions of 100% natural active bacteria and enzymes that have been scientifically proven to digest household wastes including toilet paper and grease.

If you are unsure of the level of bacteria in your septic tank, call a professional such as Metro Septic. An accurate diagnosis and potential bacterial additive prescription could save you from an emergency septic tank pumping or even a drain field replacement.

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