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Don’t Flush Medication Down Your Drains ,

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Don’t Flush Medication Down Your Drains


When you think of what not to flush down your drains, you probably consider items that are too large or that might get clogged. While this is certainly important, you should also be aware of the composition of what you’re flushing. Think of your septic system as a living body or unit. It is filled with helpful bacteria with a purpose of consuming and breaking down human waste. If you send something into your septic tank that disrupts this careful ecosystem balance, your entire septic operation could suffer. Therefore, flushing medications should be avoided at all times.

When medications such as chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics or antibacterials are flushed, they essentially weaken or kill the healthy bacteria in your tank. In turn, solid waste and sludge builds up much faster, often at a rate that your septic system can’t handle. Flushing medications down your toilet or sink on a regular basis could lead to issues in the drainfield, a septic system backup or even groundwater contamination.

If you are realizing these septic flushing rules a little too late, it is a good idea to schedule a septic inspection. At Metro Septic, we conduct thorough inspections of your septic tank using high-tech camera technology and other dedicated techniques. If the health of your system is threatened, we may recommend a septic tank pumping and additional measures to restore proper balance to your tank. If you are ever in doubt about what to flush down your drains, don’t do it. We recommend that only toilet paper and human waste are flushed. Be aware that household cleaners can do similar or worse damage to your tank compared to medications.

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