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Don’t Use Your Garbage Disposal for These 5 Items ,

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Don’t Use Your Garbage Disposal for These 5 Items

A person turning on garbage disposal to flash down vegetable peels.

Since its invention in 1927, homeowners have enjoyed the valued convenience of having a garbage disposal at their kitchen sink. Instead of accumulating multiple bags of smelly trash, people can save space and use this handy appliance to send leftovers and food debris down the drain within seconds. However, just like other appliances in your kitchen, your garbage disposal needs proper care – especially if you own a septic tank!

Many homeowner suffer the disruptive consequences of using their garbage disposal just like a trash can. While your disposal can grind up a large variety of foods, it is not meant to handle everything. In order to avoid repairs and protect the lifespan of your septic system, here are five items to avoid putting down your garbage disposal:

  1. Rice and Pasta: This is tricky because rice and pasta certainly seem soft enough for your disposal to handle. The problem is that these foods can’t be broken down into small enough pieces and they will swell or expand when combined with water. This makes it a challenge to pass through your pipes.
  2. Bones and Shells: It may be tempting to send your eggshells down the garbage disposal drain or let even let a small bone escape down there. However, your disposal blades simply aren’t strong enough to handle the task. These hard substances can render your garage disposal useless by damaging the blades or overworking the motor.
  3. Grease: Grease is another off-limits item for your kitchen disposal. While it may pass through your disposal system, grease eventually solidifies over time and will clog your drains!
  4. Vegetable Peelings: Do you frequently peel potatoes or carrots over the sink? Don’t rely on the garbage disposal to handle the shavings. This can create a gummy residue on the blades and damage your system.
  5. Coffee Grounds: Just like pasta, a chunk of coffee grounds after you clean out your filter can clog the blades and drain lines of your garbage disposal. Toss your used filter in the trash next time.

For more tips on how to ensure your garbage disposal stays a convenience rather than disruption, call Metro Septic. In general, we tell homeowners to follow a “less is more” concept when using their disposal. It is not a catch-all appliance and requires certain restrictions. If your disposal emits stubborn foul odors or makes unusual sounds, give our professionals a call sooner rather than later.

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