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Five Septic Setbacks ,

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Five Septic Setbacks

Septic Tank Pumping Truck in Cartersville GA

Your septic systems can function flawlessly if cared for in the right way. However, septic tank repairs are necessary when problems do arise. Here are the most common septic tank problems that homeowners encounter:

  1. Household Cleaners – Cleaners and antibacterial agents can’t be a bad thing, right? When it comes to your septic tank, the rule is different. Household cleaning products like detergent, disinfectant and bleach can greatly disrupt the healthy bacterial balance within your tank. If too much bacteria gets destroyed, there won’t be enough to digest organic substances within your wastewater.
  2. Poor Install or Design – A septic tank must be the correct size and installed in the right place. If your septic tank is too small for your number of household occupants or your drain field extends to areas of poor soil, your entire septic system is compromised. Each install must meet city codes as well.
  3. Careless Waste Disposal – When properly balanced and maintained, your septic tank will have no problem digesting organic materials. However, if your flush inorganic materials down your pipes, the end game isn’t the same. Hygiene products, latex, sand, soil and metals should never be allowed to enter your tank, as they will eventually clog your system and lead to a septic backup.
  4. Improper Appliance Use – Household appliances can certainly make life easier. However, beware of garbage disposals and even washing machines. The lint that comes off when washing your clothes can cause disturbances in your septic tank and drain field. In addition, avoid running all of your “water using” appliances at the same time.
  5. Too Much Sludge – One of the most surefire triggers for septic problems is sludge accumulation within the tank. This buildup is effectively removed with routine septic pumping. However, if you’ve been slack on your maintenance duties, you may find yourself in a costly system wide failure when things back up.

Are you experiencing problems in your septic tank? Whether it is one of the issues listed about or something different, we want to know. Our professionals are committed to providing honest, fast and effective repairs for your septic tank.

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