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Flushable Wipes: When to Be Skeptic About ‘Septic Safe’ ,

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Flushable Wipes: When to Be Skeptic About ‘Septic Safe’

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Wet wipes have become increasingly popular as a more effective and more preferred way to “clean up” in the bathroom. Since the package is typically marked with “flushable” or “septic-safe,” there is no need to worry about flushing them down the toilet, right? Wrong! Not only are most “flushable wipes” not safe for a septic system, they can also be harmful to a sewer system. The truth is, despite the manufacturers claims, wet wipes simply don’t break down like toilet paper. The thicker material takes much longer to disintegrate, which creates ample time for the wipes to cause clogs and backups in your plumbing system. Plumbing clogs equals repair bills and household disruption.

What Is Ragging?

There is a name for the plumbing problem that wet wipes cause. When the so called “flushable” wipes are sent down your drains, they tend to get tangled with other items in your plumbing line, such as thick toilet paper, paper towels, dental floss, etc. Together, these items create a blockage that is known as “ragging.” There has even been reports of city sewer systems that took the manufacturers of flushable wipes to court over the ragging issues. It is a very real problem that consumers should be aware about.

Lesson Learned

The lesson? You can’t always assume that items marked as flushable are indeed good or even safe for your septic system. Just because they will “eventually breakdown” doesn’t mean that they are a good idea to flush. When it comes to your septic system, the rules are simple. You should only flush toilet paper and the obvious (human waste) if you want to retain an efficient and healthy septic system.

If you have used flushable wipes in your home and you are encountering frequent clogs, call the professionals of Metro Septic. We can repair your system and educate you on what is best for your septic tank going forward.

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