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Frequent House Guests? Adjust Your Septic Cleaning Schedule ,

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Frequent House Guests? Adjust Your Septic Cleaning Schedule

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If you like to open your home to family and friends on a regular basis, you may need more than just extra food and bedding. Increasing the number of occupants in your house will also mean a surge in your plumbing usage. Any time your household is draining or flushing more than average, you need to consider the impact on your septic tank.

More Frequent Septic Cleanings

Septic cleaning or pumping is a routine and non-negotiable service if you want your septic system to stay on track and function well. However, how often you schedule a septic pumping is determined by two main components: the size of your tank and your usage habits. How much or often you use your plumbing system is obviously influenced by the number of occupants in your home. Whether your teen likes to have sleepovers every weekend or you are housing your aging parent, these are changes that can demand a more frequent septic cleaning.

The Importance of Educating Your Guests

In addition to readjusting maintenance schedules according to your increased usage, it is also important to educate your frequent house guests on how to protect your septic tank. Small children and teenagers tend to dispose improper objects in the toilet, such as wipes, toys or feminine products. These are things that can cause damage to your septic system, especially if they are flushed repeatedly. If you have different house guests every week or weekend, you may want to consider posting a simple sign in your bathroom about only flushing wastes and toilet paper. Those who have never relied on a septic system may not understand the importance of these rules.

A Septic Team That Can Help in Cartersville

If your plumbing has already been damaged due to misuse by house guests and visitors, don’t worry. Our experts at Metro Septic can help. Not only can our team members identify and resolve the issue, but we can also recommend an appropriate and adjusted maintenance schedule that could save you money

Your willingness to open your home to others is admirable. However, it doesn’t have to cost you in septic tank repairs. An adjusted septic cleaning schedule and clear communication of what not to flush in your home can allow you to protect your plumbing system while still keeping your guests happy. Call Metro Septic today to learn more.

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