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How Animals Can Sabotage Your Septic Tank ,

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How Animals Can Sabotage Your Septic Tank

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Since your septic tank is buried deep underground, it is unlikely that animals will cause direct physical harm to your system. However, there are other ways that an animal can threaten or damage your septic system, even when it is your own household pet! Awareness is the key to preventing animal-related septic problems.

Flushing Small Deceased Pets Down the Toilet

It is a common practice to flush a small animal or pet down the toilet after it has passed away, whether it is a baby mouse or a small fish. Unfortunately, the animal won’t naturally break down in the septic tank where it ends up. Instead, your deceased pet may clog filters, impair water drainage and introduce bacteria to your septic system, which leads to disruptive and costly problems down the road. Regardless of how tiny it may seem, when your beloved pet dies, let it decompose naturally in the ground by burying it.

Cat Litter & Waste

Your septic tank is meant for human waste. When you introduce dog waste, cat waste or cat litter, you can end up with septic problems. Cat waste often hardens like rocks. When combined with cat litter down the toilet, this can create very large clumps that clog or damage your septic system. Even if the cat litter is marked as flushable, there are still major decomposition concerns when it comes to a septic tank.

Pet Hygiene Products & Baths

If you own a pet, you likely own and use certain products to keep your pet clean. Unfortunately, these soaps, especially if they are medicated or intended to treat fleas, are often much stronger than the shampoo you use on your own skin and hair. Such additives in pet products can alter the chemistry inside a septic tank can cause a potential issues. Bathing your pet indoors can also involve significant fur going down your drains, which can also threaten the function of your septic tank over time.

Is your household pet a risk to your septic tank? Contact Metro Septic for more tips on extending the life of your septic system in Georgia.

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