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How Are You Disposing Your Disposable Wipes? ,

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How Are You Disposing Your Disposable Wipes?


Today, disposable wipes aren’t just used for a baby’s bottom. Disposable wipes have become a convenient medium for cleaning your automobile, disinfecting your bathroom sinks, removing your makeup and much more. However, make no mistake – having disposable wipes doesn’t mean you can “dispose” of them any way you wish. In fact, if you are sending them down your toilets instead of dropping them in your trash, you could be placing a ticking time bomb in your septic tank.

While you may not see an immediate disruption in your plumbing system when you flush just one wipe down your toilet, we can certainly see the effects of this habit if it occurs on a frequent basis. Over time, your septic tank will develop a thick layer of these wipes, which can disrupt the health of your septic tank and disable its function. This has become such an issue that even the media has recently picked up on the large number of lawsuits that homeowners have filed against disposable wipe companies for causing damage to their septic systems. The fact remains: only toilet paper and wastes should be flushed down your toilets!

What can happen when your septic tank meets your disposable wipes?

When disposable wipes are flushed down the toilet, they can plug pipe drains, block inlets/outlets of your tank and even trap other trash that has been flushed. Another hidden consequence is caused by the fact that disposable wipes are often coated with antibacterial agents. This can disrupt the healthy balance of good bacteria in your septic tank and render it faulty. Lastly, flushing wipes can also clog the main sewer line and even compromise the safety of your drain field.

What can you do?

As a septic tank owner, it is imperative that you follow a few simple rules about using your toilets and protecting your septic operation. Beyond routine septic maintenance and pumping, make it a priority to NEVER flush the following items down your toilet:

  • Clean wipes/baby wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Toys
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Trash

Accidents and neglect happen, even when it comes to your flushing habits. If you’ve been flushing a “no no” item down your drains, we can help. At Metro Septic, we are your plumbing experts when it comes to septic tank maintenance and repairs. You can trust us for honest service and affordable rates!

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