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How Septic Failure Impacts the Environment ,

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How Septic Failure Impacts the Environment

A specialist performing a septic tank inspection.

The thought of a failing septic system may make you think of foul odors in your home, slow running toilets or even embarrassing backups in your business. While these setbacks are certainly true, there is also a serious environmental risk involved when a septic system fails or malfunctions.

Septic Tanks Support or Sabotage the Environment

In most cases, a properly functioning septic system is a more environmentally-friendly option than a public sewage system that treats wastewater using harsh chemicals. Instead, a septic system relies on a closed anaerobic system to break down solids while also filtering and removing the impurities in the effluent before it enters the drain field.

When a septic system is failing, however, it can deliver untreated wastewater into the environment and introduce a host of problems. A failing septic system can contaminate the groundwater or the surface water, which can harm the environment by posing a safety risk to nearby bodies of water and/or even polluting drinking water.

In severe cases, a failing septic system may leak poorly treated sewage into the environment and foster the spread of disease or release large amounts of nitrates into the water supply. Nitrates can originate from improperly filtered effluent and threaten the health of infants, pregnant women and those with a compromised immune system.

Reasons and Prevention for Septic System Failure

In general, there are four main reasons septic systems fail, including an overwhelmed septic system, damage to the septic system, faulty design/construction and improper maintenance. A septic expert can determine why your septic system is failing, which helps rectify the risk and prevents the failure from reoccurring in the future.

Preventing environmental and health risks associated with septic system failure typically begins with proper septic tank maintenance, or routine septic pumping. If you are concerned that your septic system is not working properly or needs scheduled maintenance, call the experts of Metro Septic today. We value the importance of healthy septic tanks as it relates to your personal convenience, wallet and health!

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