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Installing a New Drainfield? Consider These Three Factors ,

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Installing a New Drainfield? Consider These Three Factors

Backyard lawn damaged due to drain field failure.

A septic system is composed of three basic parts: the pipe from the home, the septic tank and the drain field. While it is easy to understand the importance of your pipes and septic tank, don’t underestimate the significance of the drain field. The drain field catches the wastewater as it leaves the septic tank. The underlying area of soil further treats the discharged wastewater every time new wastewater enters the tank. If the drain field is not installed correctly, it can pose major problems to the entire septic system as well as cause flooding in your yard and contamination in your water.

When installing a drain field for your home or business, it is critical that you consider these three components:

  • Size: Do you have a small family or a large business that will be using high amounts of water on a daily basis? When planning for your drain field, you need to have an accurate estimation of how small or large it needs to be to handle your occupants’ needs. This should be a first step.
  • Soil: The condition and health of your soil can make or break your septic system function. The soil is the last place that your wastewater enters, and it must be equipped to handle the job of treating this wastewater without letting it pool, overflow or back up your system.
  • Location: Last but not least, you must be strategic in determining the location for your drain field. Your drain field cannot withstand heavy machinery or parked cars. It must also be in an area that is not affected by volatile weather or by trees and other landscaping.

When choosing Metro Septic for your drain field installation, we won’t leave these considerations up to you. We are septic experts who will carefully advise you on the size and location of your drain field. We can also perform soil testing to ensure your ground can sufficiently meet the estimated wastewater demands from your septic tank.

Whether you are having problems with your current drain field or you are ready for a new installation, call the professional of Metro Septic today. Our experience and superior workmanship means that you can have a highly efficient septic system that operates smoothly for years to come.

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