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Investigating Septic Tank Odor ,

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Investigating Septic Tank Odor

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One of the primary benefits to having a modern plumbing system is having your waste taken out of sight and out of mind when you flush. However, if your septic system is producing some foul odors – this can make your plumbing system an embarrassment and burden instead of a value and convenience. No one wants to deal with a stinky septic tank, and you shouldn’t have to. In fact, septic odors can be a sign of costly repairs or an emerging health hazard.

While it is typically difficult to ignore a stench coming from your septic system, we advise you to start investigating the issue as soon as possible. Foul odors can come from a variety of places within your home’s plumbing system. For septic systems, the three most common areas for odors are inside your home, above/near the septic tank and within the drainfield.

Inside the Home

Do you notice the strong sewage smell in the bathrooms, such as around the sinks or tubs? This is an indoor septic odor that can be caused by a variety of things, including the following:

  • A malfunctioning sewage ejector pump in the basement or bottom level of your home
  • A clogged vent stack (filled either with leaves, ice or other hard materials) that can no longer push foul odors up through a vent in the roof of the home;
  • Dried out of P-trap in floor drains, allowing noxious fumes to exit through a loose clean-out plug.

Not sure what these terms mean? It’s okay. The good news is that it is typically a simple solution that can be addressed in one visit by a septic professional.

Around the Septic Tank

If your foul odors are lingering around or above your actual septic tank, you have a few options to consider. First, if the manhole lid is old or corroded, you may simply need a new rubber seal to prevent seeping odors above ground.

In the Drainfield

We know that wastewater exits the septic tank and enters a nearby drainfield for further processing and filtration. However, you should not have a potent smell in this area of your land. In fact, some of the causes can be serious and require more extensive repair. Drainfield odor can be linked to:

  • Tank backup that is pushing untreated wastewater into the drainfield
  • Small leaks or holes that cause excess effluent to escape into the grass
  • A faulty distribution box that is not evenly dispersing wastewater in the drainfield

If you are plugging your nose at a sewage odor inside your home, around your septic tank or near your drainfield, let our experts take a look. Metro Septic offers affordable, responsive and courteous service every time you call.

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