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Is it Time for a Drain Field Cleaning? ,

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Is it Time for a Drain Field Cleaning?

Backyard lawn damaged due to drain field failure.

Are you keeping up with your septic system maintenance? This involves paying attention to the septic tank itself as well as the drain field. In case you need a refresher, your septic system works by holding solid waste in the tank until it is removed with professional pumping. The liquid wastewater, however, is passed through the tank to the drain field. In the drain field is a sequence of pipes and filters that treats the water and slowly releases it back into the soil.

Signs Your Drain Field Needs Professional Cleaning

While it doesn’t demand the routine pumping service of a septic tank, there are times and situations that your drain field may need to be cleaned. Here are the top three signs that your drain field needs a professional’s attention:

  • Pooling Water or Puddles over Drain Field
  • Changes in Grass (Patches of Bright Green or Spots of Dead Turf)
  • Sewage Backups in Your Home

At Metro Septic, we are fully equipped to care for every component of your septic system, including your drain field. Remember that drain field issues can often be avoided by pumping your tank on a regular basis as well as keeping large trees and heavy machinery/structures off your drain field. Most importantly, you can extend the longevity of your septic system by using septic safe toilet paper and not sending feminine products and harsh chemicals down your drains.

If you suspect your drain field needs a professional cleaning, call Metro Septic. We can offer affordable and prompt solutions so that you don’t have to suffer from foul odors or embarrassing backups on your property.

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