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Is it Time for a Grease Trap Cleaning? ,

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Is it Time for a Grease Trap Cleaning?

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When it comes to things that your septic system doesn’t like, grease is at the top of the list. When grease enters the septic tank, it can cause disruptive clogs and backups. That’s why grease traps exist. A grease trap, which is commonly found in restaurant kitchens, is a special component that prevents greasy substances from entering your drain lines and finding their way to your septic tank. Unfortunately, problems can still arise with an installed grease trap, especially if it is not cleaned or serviced on a regular basis.

Warning Signs That You Need a Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

Not sure if your grease trap is doing its job or needs cleaning? Metro Septic shares the three most common ways to tell if your commercial grease trap needs professional attention.

Are the Sinks Backed-Up?

While a single backed-up sink doesn’t always point to a grease trap emergency, if several sinks in your building are slow to drain or not draining at all, you may need a prompt grease trap cleaning or septic pumping.

Is It Stinky?

Another early sign of a clogged grease trap is the unfortunate smell of raw sewage. These foul odors can exist inside your building or around your septic tank outside.

Has it Been More Than Six Months Since Your Last Cleaning?

In general, we recommend a grease trap cleaning every six months. However, your specific cleaning schedule can vary greatly depending in your kitchen usage, condition of your system and size of your grease trap/septic tank.

At Metro Septic, we also value the importance of educating our commercial customers on how to prolong the life of their grease trap between cleanings. This can be done by storing excess cooking grease in a large metal container and not dumping large amounts of grease down your kitchen drains at one time. It is also smart to wipe down your cooking utensils before you wash them, especially if they were used on a grill or stovetop.

Ready to schedule your grease trap cleaning near Cartersville? Call Metro Septic today.

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