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Is Your Septic Outlet Filter Clogged? ,

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Is Your Septic Outlet Filter Clogged?

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Your septic system is composed of several valued parts that each serve important roles in processing and disposing the wastewater that leaves your home. One particular component is the septic tank outlet filter. This filter is what protects your septic system, as it filters out liquid waste and sewage. When the outlet filter is not functioning properly or clogged, it can lead to several septic system setbacks, including clogged drain field pipes or even septic failure.

What Causes Outlet Filter Clogs?

Wastewater enters the septic outlet filter before it is separated into solid and liquid materials. Unfortunately, the solid waste can cling to the filter over time. The buildup of solid waste can potentially cause a clog in the filter, rendering it unable to do its job properly. If the filter is so clogged that effluent can’t pass through at all, the entire septic system can malfunction. The septic outlet filter is an affordable and simple component, but it must be maintained since it is critical to the overall health of your septic system.

Detecting a Clogged Septic Outlet Filter

You may not be able to determine if your septic outlet filter needs attention – until it is too late. If your drains are slow, performing poorly or making unusual gurgling noises, it is a real possibility that your outlet filter is clogged. However, instead of relying on your own detections and intuitions, you can schedule a routine septic tank maintenance service from an expert.

Septic tanks can go as long as five years before they need to be pumped and cleaned. However, this doesn’t mean that your outlet filter will last that long. Let a septic professional evaluate your septic tank needs and determine how often you need septic maintenance and pumping. During a septic inspection, your outlet filter and all other working components of your septic tank will be carefully checked for performance and condition. If it is time for your regularly scheduled septic pumping, make sure that the outlet filter will also be cleaned, especially if you are experiencing signs of trouble.

Rely on a Professional

Still not sure if your septic outlet filter is performing the way it should? Call Metro Septic. We don’t expect homeowners to know the intricacies of their septic tank like we do. Our experts are trained to protect your septic tank as well as diagnose and repair septic issues in the timely manner you deserve. Call today to schedule your septic inspection or septic maintenance near Marietta.

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