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Keeping Your Family Safe Around Your Septic Tank System ,

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Keeping Your Family Safe Around Your Septic Tank System

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As a septic tank owner, you have your entire plumbing system on your property. While the tank, leach field and pipes are all buried underground, there are still some important safety considerations to take, especially if you have children or plan to work near the septic tank system. If you are trying to investigate a problem with your septic tank, it is strongly recommended that you let a professional with the proper training and equipment do the job.

Here are some basic safety tips for septic tank owners:

    Keep the Septic Tank Lid Closed
    The access port of your tank should remain covered with a solid lid. The lid should be strong and heavy enough that children are unable to open it.
    Stay Away from the Tank Opening
    Strong gasses are emitted from the septic tank opening. Therefore, you should never lean on it or get close enough to accidently fall in the tank.
    Never Start a Fire Near the Tank
    Septic tanks can produce a notable amount of methane gas, which is highly explosive. If you are igniting a fire on your property, make sure it is at a safe distance from your tank.
    Be Careful When Digging
    If you are digging outside, it is important that you be very careful not to disturb the septic pipes of your drain field as well as electrical lines that may be present, as this can be very dangerous if you are near your tank.
    Don’t Drive Over the Septic System
    You should avoid driving, parking or operating heavy machinery over your drain field or where the septic tank is located. This can lead to costly damage and septic tank failure.

    If you are curious or concerned about your septic tank system, we encourage you to call Metro Septic for help before you attempt to inspect or work on your septic tank. Your septic system is a complex unit that requires specific safety measures and protective equipment for those who enter. We are happy to help you protect your family around your septic tank system!

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