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Know These 10 Facts About Your Septic System ,

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Know These 10 Facts About Your Septic System

A septic company worker opening a septic tank lid.

If you have a septic tank, you must be a responsible and even proactive owner in order to keep your system functioning properly. Failure to do so can result in costly and even destructive issues in and around your home.

At Metro Septic, we’ve made it simple and gathered a list of the “top 10” facts about your septic system that you need to know, including those that pertain to the inside of your home, the outside of your home and septic system maintenance:

Inside the Home

  1. If it can clog your drain, it can clog your septic! Stay away from sending grease, oils and fats down your kitchen drains.
  2. Be smart with laundry. First, try to avoid bleach. Second, space out your washing loads so that you don’t overload your system with water, chemicals and lint.
  3. Never dispose medicine down your drains. Instead of the toilet, put your unused or expired prescriptions in the garbage or return it to the pharmacy.
  4. If nature can’t break it down, neither can your septic. Waste and “septic-safe” toilet paper are the ONLY things your septic tank is equipped to handle – no wipes, paper towels, bandages and cat litter.

Outside the Home

  1. Keep a map of your septic system. Know where your tank and drainfield are on your property.
  2. Monitor the drainfield for soggy or muddy ground.
  3. Note the color of your grass above your leach lines. Don’t assume brown grass in the summer is a bad thing.

Servicing your Septic System

  1. Never enter your tank. Only a professional should directly service and inspect your tank.
  2. Schedule a septic pumping ever 1-3 years. Ask an expert what your specific pumping schedule should be.
  3. Communicate with your septic professional. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your septic tank or voice minor concerns, as these can often lead to the avoidance of costly septic disasters.

As a septic owner, you are not expected to know everything about your system. At Metro Septic, we do our best to educate our customers on the best ways to care for their septic tank, but we also want to be nearby and available when you have concerns or signs of trouble. Call our Cartersville septic professionals today to learn more.

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