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Need Septic Repair? Tips for Getting the Right Diagnosis First ,

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Need Septic Repair? Tips for Getting the Right Diagnosis First

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You know the warning signs that your septic tank needs attention. Gurgling pipes, slow draining fixtures and foul odors are red flags that a septic repair is in order. However, just like any repair in your home, your car or your body, an accurate diagnosis is the key to an effective, long-lasting solution. There are some important things to keep in mind when you are trying to find the correct culprit to your septic problems.

#1 Turn to a Septic Expert with Experience
After a quick internet search, you’ll realize there are countless septic pumping companies to choose from. Unfortunately, there are many companies that are under-qualified, lack experience or go out of business within a few years. To ensure you are putting your septic tank (and your money) into a trusted septic expert, do your research beforehand. Make sure your chosen septic company has the credentials and qualifications you need as well as the customer reviews and proven experience.
#2 Be Honest
This may seem silly, but far too many homeowners are embarrassed to admit that they used bleach to clean their shower or let their toddler flush a handful of wipes. While you may carry your head in shame for not following “septic tank rules,” the consequence of not being upfront with your septic repair technician could be costly. For a quicker and more accurate diagnosis, disclose all pertinent information to your septic company before the evaluation and repairs begin.
#3 Keep Track of Your Septic Symptoms
Finally, it is very helpful to keep a detailed timeline of the plumbing issues that have occurred as well as when they developed. This can help a septic expert pinpoint what may be causing your septic tank problems based on what you or your family may have been doing during the malfunction. No detail is insignificant, even if it is a slight odor coming from your drain or a minimal lag time in your toilet flushing.

At Metro Septic, we are ready to diagnose your septic tank problems with efficiency and accuracy. Not only does our company have a lot of experience, but our team is composed of fully licensed and skilled septic service technicians who believe in providing high quality work at an honest, affordable rate.

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