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Don’t Use Your Garbage Disposal for These 5 Items ,

Reliable Septic and Sewer Services

Swimming Pools and Septic Tanks

Backyard lawn damaged due to drain field failure.

More and more homeowners are building their own swimming pools. A pool in your own backyard provides a convenient source for relaxing, exercising and entertaining. However, installing an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool on your property also… Continue reading

Is it Time for a Drain Field Cleaning?

Backyard lawn damaged due to drain field failure.

Are you keeping up with your septic system maintenance? This involves paying attention to the septic tank itself as well as the drain field. In case you need a refresher, your septic system works by holding solid… Continue reading

The Value of a Sump Pump

A residential house with maintained backyard.

If you have a septic system, you may also have a sump pump installed in your basement. Sump pumps are intended to handle excess water and can often be considered as an “indoor septic system.” While your… Continue reading

Are Your Pipes Talking to You?

A residential house in suburbs.

Though not with actual words, your plumbing system can audibly communicate with you. In fact, it is common for customers to call with complaints that their pipes, faucets or other septic system components are making unusual sounds… Continue reading

Enzymes and Your Septic Tank

a plastic container with a year supply of enzymes for septic tank

Do you take vitamins or other supplements to stay healthy? While these extra nutrients aren’t always required for everyone, they can make a major difference in your personal health in certain situations or conditions. This same approach… Continue reading

What is Your Toilet Trying to Tell You?

toilet paper

When your toilet does anything other than promptly expel your waste with the push of handle, it should catch your attention. Is your toilet talking to you? Maybe this plumbing fixture isn’t using words or verbal cues,… Continue reading

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