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Smart Flushing For Your Septic Tank ,

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Smart Flushing For Your Septic Tank


To flush or not to flush? This is a common question for many septic tank users. Being mindful of what to flush down your toilet is especially important for septic plumbing, as the consequences of flushing the wrong items can be quite costly and disruptive.

Thinking before you flush can be considered one of the most important things you can do to keep your septic system operating smoothly. Flushing the following items down your toilet can not only cause clogs and damage to your septic system, but some of them can also contaminate your groundwater.

If you have a septic tank, avoid this list of items when it comes to flushing:

  • Wet wipes
  • Coffee grounds, eggshells, nut shells
  • Cat litter
  • Dental floss
  • Disposable diapers
  • Fats, oils, or grease
  • Filter tip cigarettes
  • Gasoline, motor oils, or fuels
  • Paints or chemicals
  • Prescription medications
  • Paper towels
  • Sanitary napkins, tampons, or condoms

In truth, you should only flush toilet paper if you want to protect your septic system operation. And if you want to be extra careful, opt for a brand that is “septic acceptable” or single-ply. Toilet paper that is made from recycled material will often break down much easier than the ultra plush brands.

To learn more about what materials agree or disagree with your septic system, please call the professionals of Metro Septic and Plumbing. We welcome the opportunity to help you care for your septic tank so that you can avoid costly repairs or embarrassing backups in your home or business.

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