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Swimming Pools and Septic Tanks ,

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Swimming Pools and Septic Tanks

Backyard lawn damaged due to drain field failure.

More and more homeowners are building their own swimming pools. A pool in your own backyard provides a convenient source for relaxing, exercising and entertaining. However, installing an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool on your property also requires careful considerations, especially if you have a septic system.

While it is certainly feasible and safe for both a septic tank and a swimming pool to exist on your property, the location of each really matters. In fact, before your visions and ideas of a backyard pool get grandiose, you’ll need to get a permit, which undoubtedly involves identifying the location of your septic system components on your property first.

The Purpose of a Permit

Swimming pools always require proper permits before they can be constructed or installed. If your home relies on a septic system, however, the permit will be carefully reviewed by the Health Department to ensure that your future swimming pool will not impede the function or safety of your septic tank. This involves researching the details of your property to reveal the exact location of your septic tank and septic lines. An official building record of your property or septic survey should provide this information.

When obtaining a permit, the main concern will be measuring distance between your proposed pool and your underground septic components. Permits may also expose limitations created by the pool installation during the event of any repair work for the septic tank in the future. You cannot consider your pool without considering your septic system, and vice versa.

How Close is Too Close?

If you own a septic system and want a swimming pool, you don’t have the luxury of using any design or size and placing it anywhere on your property. According to the Public Health Code, you need to maintain a certain distance between your pool and the septic tank. For above ground pool, the minimum distance between the two is 15 feet. Whereas, the distance between a septic tank and any in-ground swimming pool is a minimum of 25 feet.

If you are a septic owner and want to install a pool on your property, call Metro Septic first. It is important to make sure your septic system is updated and in good working order before considering a pool. We can also help you determine the exact location of your septic tank, drain field and septic lines so that your backyard oasis does not disrupt or compromise your septic plumbing.

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