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The Benefits of Owning a Septic Tank ,

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The Benefits of Owning a Septic Tank

Backyard lawn damaged due to drain field failure.

You’ve been house hunting for months. Finally, you’ve found the perfect home for your family – except it relies on a septic tank. Should a septic system be a deal breaker? Not at all. While a septic system operates much differently than a sewer system and demands periodic septic maintenance, there are also several valued benefits to choosing this type of plumbing system for your new home.

A septic system’s primary component is the septic tank, which is placed underground on the side or back of a given property. The tank receives outgoing drains from the sinks, tubs and toilets so that it can separate the solid sludge from the wastewater. The tank has outgoing drains that send the wastewater to be further processed into a grid of drain field pipes, where it is then released into the soil.

There are many advantages of the septic tank system, and many homeowners prefer septic tanks over municipal sewer systems, especially if you enjoy the independence and don’t mind the responsibility. Here are the leading benefits of a septic system:

#1 Septic Tank Options
Septic tanks can come in different sizes and material types. The ability to customize a septic tank to meet the unique needs of the property and household can render the septic system more durable and efficient over time. Don’t assume that all septic tanks are the same. Your home can have a concrete, fiberglass, steel or aerobic septic tank.
#2 Cost Efficient
Many people opt for a septic tank due to the savings you gain on several fronts, including lower install cost, no monthly bill and less need for replacement and repairs if maintained properly.
#3 Environmentally Friendly
The environment appreciates your septic system because the groundwater is not likely to become contaminated like they can due to leaky sewage lines. Septic tanks can also cut pollution and boost local plant life!
#4 Better Water Management and Fixture Care
To keep your septic system away from trouble and maximize the timespan between maintenance visits, it is imperative that you make your home as water efficient as possible, which can be done with habits like limiting shower time and only running the dishwasher and washer on full loads. You’ll also need to be extra careful with what you send down your drains. This forces homeowners to care for their toilets, sinks and garbage disposals better by not sending down chemical cleaners and only flushing wastes and septic-safe toilet paper. This typically equates to a lower water bill and longer-lasting plumbing fixtures!

Still not sure if a septic system is right for you? Call the experts of Metro Septic. We are happy to explain the pros and cons of a using a septic tank.

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