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Three Myths About Septic Tank Maintenance ,

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Three Myths About Septic Tank Maintenance

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Not everything you hear or read is true about your septic system. In fact, there are many myths and misconceptions about septic tanks, especially when it comes to how to care for them. At Metro Septic, we want to provide the most accurate information possible to make sure you are helping and not harming your septic tank. In doing so, we’d like to dispel the following common septic tank myths:

Myth #1: Adding Yeast or Cleaners Can Help You Avoid Septic Tank Pumping
Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Dumping yeast into your septic tank may actually exaggerate any current imbalances in your tank and make things worse. The same goes for commercial cleaners. All you are doing is causing build up in your septic tank that occurs over time when you throw off the delicate balance of bacteria in your tank. There is no substitute for routine septic tank pumping with a professional.

Myth #2: If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It
This phrase can be said about a lot of things, but your septic system is not one of them. Just like you need to have your oil changed in your car, you need to schedule septic tank pumpings and maintenance on a periodic basis. This is true even when you haven’t had a single sign of trouble. Neglecting septic tank pumping is almost a definite invitation serious septic issues and expensive repairs.

Myth #3: My Septic System Will Last Forever
If your septic tank is well-built, installed correctly and the proper size for your household occupants, it should last for many years. In fact, some septic systems have a lifespan of 50 years! However, septic tanks can’t last forever. The average life expectancy for a septic system is about 30 years with proper use and regular maintenance.

Has it been more than 3 years since you have had your septic tank pumped? Are you noticing signs of septic system failure? Call our experts sooner rather than later. We love giving customers the truth about how to care for their Georgia septic system.

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