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Ways to Extend the Lifespan of Your Drain Field ,

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Ways to Extend the Lifespan of Your Drain Field

Backyard lawn damaged due to drain field failure.

The drain field, or leach field, is a critical component of your home’s septic system. This is an area of your property that was designated to treat the effluent that drains from your septic system. As the wastewater flows out from the septic tank, it is not completely broken down until the leach field does its job. The leach field offers perforated drains that release the wastewater into the soil. The soil’s microbes then finish breaking down and treating the liquid wastewater that left your tank. This important filtering process happens out of sight, as the gravel and pipes of the drain field are typically covered well with soil. In fact, most visitors would not know where your leach field is located on your property. Still, this area is a vital part of your septic system function and it needs to be protected properly.

4 Tips in Drain Field Care

On average, leach field systems last between 10 and 20 years with the right care. Serious issues can occur with your septic system when there is a clog or malfunction in your drain field. As septic experts, we recommend the following tips for a long-lasting drain field and functional septic system:

  • #1 Don’t park or operate heavy machinery on your drain field.
  • #2 Don’t flush anything that isn’t “septic safe.” (no paper towels, baby wipes, etc)
  • #3 Spread out water usage in your home.
  • #4 Schedule routine septic maintenance

Contact a Septic Expert

Your septic system is an intricate operating system that demands attention. Following simple rules within your home can greatly impact the longevity of your septic tank and leach field, which will in turn save you a tremendous amount of hassle and even repair costs. At Metro Septic, we are equipped to provide drain field installation and repair, but we do our best to help septic owners preserve and protect their leach field from the start. To schedule your septic tank maintenance, please call our team today!

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