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What To Expect When Going From Septic To Sewer ,

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What To Expect When Going From Septic To Sewer

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As cities and communities grow, new sewer lines are created to accommodate its occupants. Homes that were once forced to use a septic system may now have the option of switching to the city’s sewer line, which is especially enticing if your septic system is failing. Here is what you need to know when it comes to the process of a septic to sewer conversion.

First the contractor and the homeowner must obtain all the necessary permits. The installation method and codes vary from city to city. For example, some town code requires SDR-35 pipe encased in stone, whereas others require SDR-21 pipe without stone.

Next, it is time for your licensed contractor to start digging. This involves removing the old waste pipe and re-routing the lines to the public sewer system. This can be simple or more complex, depending on the presence of swimming pools, mature landscapes, retaining walls and paved areas. The distance and number of obstructions in the path can alter the cost of your conversion.

Once the final connection is made, your septic tank will need to be pumped dry. Typically, a hole is made in the bottom of the tank, the top is crushed into the tank, and it is then filled to grade with dirt. It can also be backfilled with stone.

After the completion of a septic to sewer conversion, homeowners are ready to take advantage of some sewer system benefits such as increased home value, no maintenance, odor-free environment and better support and cooperation from the city if home projects/renovations are desired.

Metro Septic is your preferred contractor for septic to sewer conversions in the greater Atlanta area. Homeowners can trust us to “do what we say, and say what we do” on all plumbing projects, big or small.

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