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What’s That Smell? ,

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What’s That Smell?

A septic company worker opening a septic tank lid.

Modern plumbing is designed to send stinky waste odors away from your home, so when you notice a lingering stench coming from your indoor drains, it can be cause for alarm. If it smells like rotten eggs, septic gases are likely to blame. It is important that you diagnose the reason why foul-smelling gasses are escaping from your tank and entering your home. Beyond the embarrassment and disruption, it can signal that something needs to be repaired or serviced within your septic system.

Common Reasons Why You Have Septic Odors Inside

An unpleasant and stubborn odor could point to a wide range of issues, including the following:

#1 Dry Plumbing Trap
These are the u-shaped bends of your plumping pipes. They are areas of your pipes that should always hold a small about of greywater, which prevents odors from seeping back up from your septic tank. If the traps dry out or evaporate, however, you may have a stinky smell in your home. This is often the case after returning home from a long vacation when your plumbing was not used.
#2 Sewer Line Break
While modern sewer and drain lines are highly durable, they can get damaged. Sewer line breaks lead to a leak or a collection of wastewater outside your pipes that can produce a very unpleasant scent over time.
#3 Vent Stack Clog
Found near your home’s roof, vent stacks are a collection of pipes that help regulate air pressure and remove the gases and odors of your plumbing system. When the vent gets clogged (leaves, bird nest, debris), your plumbing system may “act up” inside your home and trigger smelly sewer gases in your bathrooms and kitchen.
#4 Overfull Septic Tank
How long has it been since your septic tank was pumped? A very popular reason for foul odors in your home is due to a septic backup from an overfull tank. You may also notice that your drains are slow or gurgling. If it’s been over 3 years since you scheduled your septic tank cleaning, the stench is not surprising.

Not sure why you have bad septic odors inside your home? Contact Metro Septic today to schedule a service visit.

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