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When to Consider a Residential Grease Trap ,

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When to Consider a Residential Grease Trap

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Grease traps are most often associated with commercial plumbing. Restaurants and hotels use grease traps as a means to manage FOGS (fat, oils and grease) from the wastewater so that it does not clog the septic system. While it is not as common, grease traps can also be installed in your home to serve the same purposes as it does in a commercial entity. Both commercial and residential grease traps work by intercepting and separating the fats, oils and grease of your wastewater so that a costly and embarrassing backup doesn’t occur.

Reasons To Install a Grease Trap in Your Home Kitchen

Residential grease traps are typically installed just beneath the sick, but some are placed outside the home if there are multiple sinks being used. In either case, a professional installation is important. Grease traps don’t make sense for every homeowner. However, they are an excellent solution if you can identify with the following:

  • Cook often or prepare large amounts of foods (prevents sudden clogs or frequent pumpings)
  • Value environmentally-friendly plumbing practices (prevents toxins from entering water)
  • Want to protect your pipes from premature wear (FOG buildup leads to blocked/damaged pipes

Maintaining Your Grease Trap

While grease traps can offer a wide range of valued benefits, they cannot be ignored. Grease traps should be pumped or cleaned by a professional periodically. You can run hot water through your grease trap after the FOG is drained to extend the time frame between cleanings. If you notice your grease trap is producing a foul odor or is draining slowly, it is likely time to schedule your grease trap cleaning.

To learn more about residential or commercial grease traps, call Metro Septic. We are proud to install, service and repair your septic system at an affordable rate.

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