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Where Should Your Septic Tank Be Installed? ,

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Where Should Your Septic Tank Be Installed?

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When getting a septic tank installed on your property, location matters. Keep in mind that this septic tank will take in wastewater from your home, separate the solid wastes and liquids and send the wastewater to your drain field (or leach field) to be filtered from pollutants. This is a very important process that takes place on your property. It makes sense, therefore, that there are some areas that are better than others to have your septic tank installed.

If you getting a septic tank, consider the following ideal locations in your yard for installation:

Low Elevation
To support your septic system best, try to install your septic tank in a low elevation area. This will allow gravity to help push wastewater to your leach field.
Vacant/Unused Areas
Since you can’t build, plant or even park on the land above your septic tank or drain field, it is recommended to find an open area of land that is not being used (or planned to be used).
Safe Distance for Its Size
You should consider the size of your tank before deciding on its location, as not all septic tanks are the same size and you’ll also have your leach field to consider. You never want to overload the system. If you have a large family, go with a bigger tank and be sure your installation spot can handle the dimensions and is far enough away from your home to not cause issues.

Need a professional’s insight on where to place your septic tank and leach field on your property? Call Metro Septic in Cartersville today.

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