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Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs? ,

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Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

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There’s nothing like going to wash your face after a long day and being hit with the smell of rotten eggs when you turn on your faucet. This “rotten egg smell” is actually a very common problem for homeowners, but one that also causes understandable panic. In almost all cases, this foul odor is an indication that hydrogen sulfide gas has gotten into your water system. Before we present the possible causes of how this happened, it is important that you know that hydrogen sulfide gas does not pose serious sanitary risks to your water. However, it needs be addressed nonetheless.

How Does Hydrogen Sulfide Enter a Home Water System?

The presence of hydrogen sulfide in your water can be traced back to the following sources: your groundwater (formed from decay of natural organic matter), sulfur bacteria coming in contact with sulfur compounds or sewage waste (rare cases when pollution has entered groundwater). However, one of the primary culprits to hydrogen sulfide gas is your water heater. Not only does the warm water of the tank promote bacteria growth, but its anodes also contain electrons that allow sulfate in the tank to covert into hydrogen sulfide gas.

To determine where your hydrogen sulfide is originating from, a plumbing professional may ask you the following questions:

  • Is the smell coming from the hot water only? Or both?
  • Is your water softened?
  • Is the odor intermittent or persistent? Does the smell go away after the water has been running?

Once the source is located, one of our Metro Septic professionals can offer a solution. In most cases, the rotten egg smell can be eliminated in a quick, cost-effective manner. If your water is emitting an odor of any kind, don’t ignore it. Let us take a look to ensure your water system is safe and operating correctly.

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