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Why You May Need a Septic Inspection Before Adopting a Child ,

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Why You May Need a Septic Inspection Before Adopting a Child

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If you are in the process of adopting a child in Georgia, you understand the many qualifications and criteria you must meet to prove you can be a responsible parent. Between interviews, medical appointments and large volumes of paperwork, the state may also require a septic inspection. Having a septic system in good operation is one component of providing a safe place to raise a child.

If your home relies on a septic tank for its plumbing, the public health inspection for your adoption will include a septic inspection performed by septic specialist. The inspection will not only ensure your system is currently in good working order, but it can also determine if your tank can handle another occupant in your home for future use. Upon passing your septic inspection, you’ll be given a letter that you can include with your adoption paperwork for state health officials.

The Importance of Septic Inspections Before Adoption

There’s good reason that your adoption specialist will ask for a septic inspection letter. A failing septic tank (or one that is too small for a growing family) can cause serious health risks to the occupants in your home. Septic backups can not only lead to an unexpected expense, but they can also create hazardous groundwater contamination. Therefore, a septic inspection goes far beyond making sure your toilets flush well, it is an important evaluation that can prove your home environment is safe for your newly adopted child.

Schedule Your Septic Inspection in Georgia

Do you have a pending adoption? If a septic inspection letter is on your “to do” list, we invite you to schedule this service with our experts of Metro Septic. We know you have a lot on your plate as you plan for and anticipate your new addition. Therefore, you can trust our team to provide affordable, on-time inspections that thoroughly evaluate all components of your tank. If there are repairs or installations that need to take place before your adoption gets approved, we will do our best to do it as quickly as possible.

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